Here is a compilation of reasons why.

Don't be afraid to share your own reasons. ♥

DISCLAIMER: None of these images are mine. All the posts are submissions, sent in by people like you. Please read the FAQ before asking any questions!

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reasons to love being alive

behind the blog

This blog is run by a 24-year-old girl who prides herself in happiness, inspiration, and helping others. She has been watching her friends, her followers, and people she doesn’t even know put themselves down, beat themselves up, be terribly mistreated, receive unprovoked hate, and just overall have a terrible time with their lives.

This blog is in direct response to these negative emotions. Its purpose is to, one day, reach as many people as possible, and through the media of beautiful pictures and simple graphics, inspire those who stumble across it, and maybe even help them to realize that, hey, maybe life isn’t so bad to live after all.

I run this for you (yes, you), the one reading this, not for myself, and I hope dearly that no matter what issues you may be having, how bad a day you just went through, or what traumas live in your mind, I have been able to put even a small smile on your face.

You are an incredibly beautiful person. And I hope that you do indeed see that this life is truly worth living. ♥


Q: Who runs this blog?
A: Just me, Jen.

Q: What do you use to edit the pictures?
A: Paint Shop Pro 8. (It’s old, but it’s personal preference!)

Q: Where do you find the images?
A: Usually WeHeartIt or Favim, but sometimes Flickr or Google.

Q: What fonts do you use?
A: Century Gothic for one; The other I found on dafont.

Q: Will you promote / follow me?
A: I will only do promotions for those who donate certain amounts to my fundraiser. / I don’t follow others on this blog. Sorry!

Q: How do you credit the background images?
A: In the source section of each post, as well as in a list format on my Photo Credits page.

Q: Are these your own personal reasons?
A: No. Maybe about.. 2% of what’s posted are reasons I made for myself. The other 98% are all other peoples’ requests.

Q: Do you make everything that’s requested?
A: As long as it hasn’t been made yet, makes sense, is appropriate / isn’t offensive, and was requested in the proper format, yes. :]

Q: Why haven’t you made ____ yet?
A: It either hasn’t been submitted yet, or it has and I haven’t yet gotten to it. I do have responsibilities outside of this blog, please be patient!

Q: How do I submit?
A: Click the ‘submit’ button on my sidebar, read through the rules, and then feel free to submit away. :)

Q: How is this blog different from others that are similar?
A: I like to think that this is less light-hearted than others that are similar in style, and more aimed towards the deeper aspect of recovery and positivity. I spend a lot of time looking for background images that apply to all possible viewers of all ages, not just hipster teenage girls. I also believe I am much more respectful towards those who try to communicate with me and take more responsibility for my actions.

Q: What’s with the double ask boxes?
A: One is for the blog as you see it, the other is for the connected advice blog. What messages go where should be fairly straightforward.

Q: You give advice? What kind of advice do you give?
A: I try to! People come to me on their own, and I always try my absolute hardest to help others feel better about their situations, whenever anyone ever feels they need it. I’m not licensed or professional, but I do realize I am better at listening and understanding than most. My style is more along the lines of inspiring a different line of thought, and suggesting differing points of view that may inspire direct lines of action, rather than telling people they ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t do’ anything.

Q: I don’t see my message published, where did it go?
A: If it’s not on the blog anymore, it’s probably in the Messages Archive and you may want to look for it there [after 24 hours, all messages get moved and all text posts are deleted (on the main blog ONLY, from January 1st 2013 onward all messages answered on the advice blog will be kept on the blog)]. If it’s not there, then send it to me again, because I always make it a point to answer every message I get.

Q: Why do you archive your messages?
A: I didn’t always have my advice blog, and didn’t have anywhere to save the messages for advice I originally received when I was trying to declutter. So, I started compiling them on a page instead, and for consistency’s sake, up until the end of 2012, that was where they continued to be placed. Now, only the main blog will continue to have its messages archived.

Q: LOL are you serious about _____? / I doubt ____ really saved someone’s life..
A: Not everything posted here is meant to be taken literally. Some things are serious and really have helped save someone, while other things are smaller and meant to merely be appreciated. Please, refrain from mocking anything you may see here. Everything here means something to somebody.

Q: Do you have a personal blog?
A: I do! You can visit it here. :]

Q: Is this blog’s content anywhere other than Tumblr?
A: It is indeed: Twitter and Facebook.

Q: How can I contact you outside of Tumblr?
A: Send me a message via the above Facebook page, or email me here:

Q: You used one of my images and I’d like it taken down.
A: My apologies! Please, politely message me telling me which image is yours, and I will make it my top priority to take it down and replace it with something else.

Q: How long have you been running this blog?
A: Since early October 2011.

Q: How do I look to see if something’s already posted?
A: Visit the Master List, hit ctrl+f (for Windows) or command+f (for Mac), and type whatever keywords you may be looking for.

Q: These posts actually just make me feel even worse.. / I don’t have any of these reasons in my life..
A: Please, message me. I’d like to personally help you feel otherwise.

Q: Why is it just you doing all this? You could make posts a lot faster if you let someone else help.
A: Trust me, I know. But this blog has become something rather personal for me, and I’m not sure I would feel okay letting someone else help run it. It is one of two things that got me through the hardest few months of my life last spring, and treasuring and appreciating it is, for me, worth more than posting more frequently.

If you have something to say that wasn’t covered here, please proceed to the appropriate ask box. [Main / Advice]