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reasons to love being alive

Hello my lovelies! <3 I have two things to bring to your attention right now.

First off being, after my first account was hacked, I re-created the RTLBA Twitter account! You can find it right here if you’re interested in following it; I’ve been working on re-adding all the posts as tweets until I hit the daily limit every day.

Secondly, I have a request of my own for all those who would send in submissions.

If you haven’t noticed, the majority of the posts lately have been very specific: certain people, celebrities, bands, tv shows. Now, I really have nothing against those kinds of things, but what I do have a problem with is that they have become the grand majority of the submissions I receive, instead of the minority when compared to more relatable posts, which is quite frankly how I would prefer it to be. The more general submissions are only one or so in every twenty nowadays.

So what I’m asking, is if you could please refrain from submitting the very specific kinds of things for a while (unless, of course, it is truly so important to you that it would mean the world to see it here), in the hopes of letting more relatable things have a chance of reappearing and letting more people be able to enjoy more posts.

I would truly appreciate that, more than you know. :) Thank you so much for listening and understanding!