Here is a compilation of reasons why.

Don't be afraid to share your own reasons. ♥

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reasons to love being alive

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Why do you love to be alive? Send in your reason as a request, and it will be made into a graphic as soon as possible. ♥


  • Check the master list first, to see if what you’re requesting (or something similar) has already been made.
  • Requests sent via /ask are not accepted and will likely not be acknowledged. I will ONLY accept those sent via /submit.
  • If you want your screenname attached to your submission - eg. ‘requested by _____’ in the tags ONLY - check the tag box below the form saying so. Otherwise, it will be kept nameless.
  • If you want to be notified if your post followed the rules correctly and has been added to my list AND / OR if you want to be notified when your request has been posted, please check the respective tags below the form. **Please keep in mind that if you want to be notified of either of these, I need to have a valid means of contacting you.**
  • If you want to submit anonymously, log out of Tumblr, revisit this form, and make up an email address that somewhere includes the word ‘anon.’ (Only if ‘anon’ is in the EMAIL ADDRESS, will I not test it as described below.)
  • If you aren’t a Tumblr user, you can still use this form. However, if you do not intend to submit anonymously as described above, please enter your real email address. I will be sending a short message to you to make sure of this. If the message bounces back, I will classify your submission as spam and will not make the request.
  • I’m leaving the form open and allowing requests to come in freely, rather than a set limit, as I used to do. Please feel free to use this, but do not take outright advantage of it. IF I FEEL TOO OVERWHELMED, I will be forced to close the form and go back to my limit of 100.
  • Only one submission is allowed per person per day. This is in an attempt to be more fair to all parties involved. If you request more than one within 24 hours of each other, I will be forced to choose the one I feel will best fit the blog. There is no overflow, sorry!
  • DO NOT USE LOOPHOLES TO TRY TO GET AROUND THESE RULES. I will notice, and I will not be happy about it. If you try extraordinarily hard to do this, I will call you out on it as well. I do not tolerate blatant rule-breakers.

I have recently started fundraising for the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). I am now giving rewards for certain amounts of donations, including extra requests! Please visit this page for more details if you are interested.


  • Check the master list first.
  • Only submit via the /submit form. Any and all requests send via /ask will not be made.
  • No more than 1 request per 24 hour period.
  • If I feel too overwhelmed by a generally open submit box, I will be forced to close it to catch up. Please, don’t exploit it.

If this is all clear, and you are still ready to submit, then please, feel free to do so!

Thank you so much for reading and understanding!

(Side note: I am a feminist, and a very strong believer in indiscriminate body positivity. Therefore, I will not accept any shaming submissions (AKA ‘being skinny,’ ‘losing weight,’ etc.), or anything I believe to be problematic, unless you make a compelling argument otherwise. Fair warning!)

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**If you cannot donate, but still wish to help, reblog / share this post or share my donation page to help spread the word for others who may be more financially able.** :)